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Connect within and shine


Having a playful spirit, I've always felt the urge to put a smile on a strangers face, play with children at their level, act goofy when in the mood to do so, do a good deed for someone, laugh from the heart and dance freely.


To me, it's all about community and connections. And when I put together Inner-Child events, my main focus is for all to connect through play in order to bring out the joy from within. But, how can one bring out their playful side if they don't feel safe to? That's where the incredible talent I outsource comes into play (pun intended!). For I make sure that those I manifest in my field are of the right fit for my tribe: kind, respectful and open.


Being a recognized Yoga Instructor since 2011, I've traveled the world and have been able to see how many different cultures live their best lives.  I'm truly passionate about combining both Eastern and Western approaches to better understand oneself. Combining Yoga, Reiki healing & powerful plant and mineral Essences for healing, playful experiences for joy expansion and talk therapy for mind clearing and direction, those in search of a unique approach to releasing their trapped thoughts and emotions in a safe space are so welcomed my way so I can walk side-by-side with  personalized Sunshine Coaching with oodles of love attached.

Whether I'll see you in person, online or at my next Event, let's all continue to: Heal, Play & Love (for it's an ever expanding cycle; isn't it?!). 


Corinne Sunshine

Intuitive Healing

Sunshine Coaching

I offer private Sunshine Coaching sessions via Zoom, over the phone and in person that are completely confidential with customized intuitive healing modalities. 

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Kids Yoga: Kids are filled with so much energy, curiousity and openness. In my kids yoga classes I encourage them to voice their ideas throughout the poses, obstacle courses and during meditation story time; thus encouraging leadership and creativity.

Adult Yoga: In my Hatha Flow classes I love bringing smiles to ones faces as they challenge themselves and accomplish things they perhaps never thought possible.


Family Yoga: In my fun family yoga classes I encourage playtime between caregivers and children. I believe that it's so important to bond with our children through physical activities, shared laughter and trying new things; together.


Concept and Design Planning

When you attend an event I've put together, your inner child comes out to play (no matter the age). We all go on an adventure; together. In some events you'll find yourself blowing bubbles, creating sculptures out of playdough doing beginner yoga poses for all bodies, eating healthy and delicious food, being guided to bring out your inner child in meditation and, or, dancing freely without inhibition. You might also find yourself attending lectures led by Naturopathic Doctors that teach us healthier living choices, Therapists that take us deep into the Inner Child, Intuitive Healers that guide us to release blockages and the lists keep expanding as we take this journey of play and self-discovery together.

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Inner Child, Playfully Shine!

-Corinne Sunshine


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