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Intuitive Healing

Sunshine Coaching

I offer private Sunshine Coaching sessions via Zoom, Facetime, Facebook, over the phone and in person that are completely confidential with customized intuitive healing modalities. 


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In-Person Healing Energy

Together we will seek understanding through your spirit guides. This session may include crystals, card decks, or other means of manifesting spirit messages. Allow your higher self to speak, and confirm your direction and instructions.

Inner Child Healing

Allow me to gently guide you through an inner child meditation. How are they doing? Do they have any unresolved trauma? How we can break down those barriers, together? 

Healing Pain

Trauma can manifest in many different ways. Together we can explore any deep-rooted pain, go back to those moments, and bring our the Sunshine. Together we will go inward. You can't heal if you can't feel.

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